Fuyu Win

From: Yangon, Burma

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Potato Break @ People's Park

Yangon Dagon

Cafe, Ice Cream, Chinese

Food is allright. But the best part of this shop are the two cute waiter & waitress :)



Furusato Japanese Restaurant

Yangon Bahan


Very cozy setting with a wide range of Japanese dishes. You should try the Katsudo if you're a fan of it, I think the best in Yangon for that dish.



If you want to experience authentic local cuisine from Hokkaido, this is the right place. Chef & even staffs are Japanese, space is very small & limited so you might want to make bookings. Also dishes run out fast because they are mostly hand carried all the way from Hokkaido Island.


Very Good

Escape Gastro Bar

Yangon Bahan

Bar, Asian, European

If you're looking for a great night with an upscale crowd, Escape is the right place to go! By far the most popular bar in town!

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